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The colourful splendour of an entire region.

Sedus Stoll AG high-bay warehouse, Dogern.

Sedus Stoll AG is one of Europe's market leaders in the manufacture of office furniture. The high-bay warehouse in Dogern is situated in a picturesque, natural environment between meadows, fields and forests. The building's extraordinary facade was supposed to reflect the colourful splendour of the surrounding countryside.

16,000 sheet metal panels, format 25 x 160 centimetres, in twenty warm colours, are joined to make an abstract picture.

For the company's employees, the high-bay warehouse is an object of identification. The management interprets the colourful facade as the rich variety of office furniture production, which theoretically comprises hundreds of millions of possibilities. Flexibility, openness and transparency, good design, highest quality and optimal ergonomic design – the aim was to make these principles visible through the architecture.



All the work was completed on schedule and to the highest quality, so that the building was able to go into operation as planned.

Technical expertise, safe and highly efficient processes and a team that makes every project its own – that is how we at Hammersen ensure that everything is right from the facade to the roof. If you would like to discuss the project shown

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