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Your application documents are your business card. The first impression can be decisive, especially when it comes to applications. Therefore, our first recommendation is: invest time in your application. Think about how you can put your knowledge and skills across well. Tell us what interests you in the advertised position and why you would be an asset to our team. With regard to training, please tell us what interests you in this apprenticeship.

Summarise this information in a personal cover letter (less than one A4 page) and your informative CV.

Your CV.

Ideally, your curriculum vitae will provide a quick guide and assessment of your career to date. The best way to achieve this is to consider the following aspects:

Formal criteria.

  • Choose a clear, well-structured form of presentation.
  • Use concise and meaningful descriptions.
  • List your specific work experience with a precise period of time.
  • Send us a current and relevant application photo.


Openness. The key to good interviews.

We recommend that you draw as accurate a picture of yourself as possible and assess your knowledge realistically. Deal openly with a break in your CV. Exaggerations usually come to light during an interview and cause frustration on both sides. Your curriculum vitae should cover the following content:

  • Personal details
  • Training
  • Work experience or internships, work accompanying studies
  • Possible stays abroad
  • Other knowledge and additional qualifications
  • Foreign languages
  • IT skills
  • Other activities (e.g. voluntary activities etc.)
  • Sports / hobbies / interests
  • Place, date


References. References for your career.

Add to these documents all certificates of vocational qualifications (e.g. university degree, training certificate, etc.) and the highest school leaving certificate. In addition, we expect your previous job references, provided you were already employed beforehand. If available, attach all relevant certificates of further training or qualifications to the documents.

Enter your full address. And most importantly, please don't forget to give us your e-mail address and a phone number where we can reach you during the day.

We hope that our tips are helpful for you and wish you every success with your application to Hammersen.