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Particularly sustainable.

Bestseller logistics centre in Haderslev, Denmark.

As a globally active family-run business, the Danish fashion manufacturer, Bestseller, is committed to protecting the environment and building in a sustainable manner. These values came to bear in the construction of the new logistics centre on the German-Danish border.

Since the facades play a decisive role in the energy efficiency of a building, Hammersen, an experienced specialist in this field, was called in to carry out the project.

Facades with both high transparency and thermal insulation for good air conditioning and ventilation were required. In addition, sustainable materials were expected to be used that can be easily recycled at the end of the building's service life. The 9,550 m² of facade areas were constructed from high-quality Trimoterm FTV panels. The fire protection elements consist of coated steel sheets and a non-combustible mineral wool insulation core of class A1. The roofs of the two terminals are equipped with a green roof structure. Special attention is paid to the wooden roof terrace and the adjoining roof garden, where real birch trees can be found among others. Hammersen was also able to fulfil these special requirements for the roof greening without any problems thanks to its extensive experience.



All the work was completed on schedule and to the highest quality, so that the building was able to go into operation as planned.

Technical expertise, safe and highly efficient processes and a team that makes every project its own – that is how we at Hammersen ensure that everything is right from the facade to the roof. If you would like to discuss the project shown

or get your own project started, please feel free to contact us.