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Discreet aesthetics in a historical environment.

Fripa high bay warehouse, Miltenberg.

Fripa is a leading manufacturer of special paper products for household and hygiene purposes. With consistent innovations, the company achieves steady growth in European markets. This made an extension of the existing logistics centre in the north of Miltenberg necessary.

Taking the historical environment of the city into consideration was a particular challenge.

Miltenberg is influenced by tourism, which is why the planned expansion, which can be seen from all tourist attractions, came under close scrutiny by the population and city council. The idea by the commissioned local architects to design a simple facade appearance in a restrained colour scheme with as many transparent elements as possible ultimately prevailed over alternative designs in various different colours.

Another special feature to which the planners attached great importance are the cover profiles specially designed for this construction project. The material joints are not mounted overlapping, but instead neatly covered by underlying pilaster strips. The pilaster strips are our own designs, which were made to measure by Hammersen ready for assembly.



All the work was completed on schedule and to the highest quality, so that the building was able to go into operation as planned.

Technical expertise, safe and highly efficient processes and a team that makes every project its own – that is how we at Hammersen ensure that everything is right from the facade to the roof. If you would like to discuss the project shown

or get your own project started, please feel free to contact us.