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30 meters high into the future.

Gerry Weber logistics centre.

The fashion group Gerry Weber merged its previously decentralised logistics structures by constructing a new logistics centre with a total of 76,000 square metres of warehouse and functional space.

The aim is to achieve the fastest possible turnover of goods and improved responsiveness to changes in the order situation.

In the meantime, the company's factory outlet has also been operated from the new location since it went into operation, with a focus on a modern building with attractive circulation areas. The new building is divided into a multi-storey building and halls 1-3. Hall 2 offers space for manual shelving racks and hanging garment storage as well as packing and shuttle picking stations. In order to avoid seasonal thermal loads in the storage areas, fluidic simulations of the temperature distribution were created for the high-bay warehouse. With the aid of mechanical ventilation in the lower hall area and ventilation via specially activated smoke and heat ventilation roof elements, it was possible to prove that even on hot summer days, in particular the functional reliability of the technology remained intact.



All the work was completed on schedule and to the highest quality, so that the building was able to go into operation as planned.

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